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'The DEA is After You'

The author of a one-line personal ad in a controversial humor newspaper at SDSU, The Koala, seems to have been prescient about the eventual drug raids at the university.

A university official confirmed that in a personal ad on the back page of the paper, an anonymous person posted the message: “Frat boys, the DEA is after you.”

The paper was being distributed at SDSU yesterday. The production manager at Pomerado Publishing, which prints the Koala, said that it went to print Monday, a day before the raids at SDSU and the press conference announcing the undercover operation. The personal ad could have been submitted anytime since the last issue was distributed on April 15.

Eileen Zeidler, a spokeswoman for the DEA in San Diego responded to the one-line personal ad with a one-line e-mail.

“I have no information on this,” she wrote.

Gina Speciale, a spokeswoman for the university confirmed that she had seen the message, but declined to comment.

“We saw the issue and we saw it yesterday and that was it,” she said.

We’re trying to get our hands on a copy of the paper and a comment from the paper’s editor.

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