Duty Free Americas/UETA | Voice of San Diego


What does diversity mean to you?

To DFA/UETA, diversity is the profound cultural richness that makes the San Diego/Tijuana region one of the world’s best places to live.

As a company we experience first hand the benefits of a customer base from a vast number of cultures, ethnicities, races, and religions that shop our 160 stores at many airports and borders across the United States.

Duty free area of the John F. Kennedy International Airport

Whether at New York’s JFK Airport or the Port of Entries at San Ysidro/Otay or Calexico, our customers are welcomed faces of diversity and make possible our success. Our great DFA/UETA associates are proud to serve them, everyday.

Diversity makes us all better, and DFA/UETA is proud to support Partner Voices where San Diegans can learn about our bi-national mega region, our neighbors and the people from many different backgrounds that are doing remarkable things. Like the millions that visit our stores every year, they all have something to teach us that will make us and our binational communities better.

DFA/UETA has been supporting the San Ysidro Smart Border Coalition (SYSBC) for many years and understands the unique dynamic of the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Border and wants to improve the quality of life of people who commute everyday from US to Tijuana and Tijuana to US. DFA/UETA supports SYSBC’s initiatives regarding infrastructure, safety and social justice.

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