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Video: Art Students Take on Trump's Border Wall Prototypes

Local artists teamed up with a group of Southwestern College students to project artwork onto the border wall prototypes at Otay Mesa.

Eight border wall prototypes line the U.S-Mexico border fence in Otay Mesa — officials will eventually pick which version they want to see become President Donald Trump’s “big, beautiful wall.”

But ever since construction began, local artists have used the prototypes for another purpose: as a canvas. Last November, artists Jill Holslin, Andrew Sturm, the Overpass Light Brigade-San Diego and People Over Profits of San Diego projected images onto the walls protesting the barrier and what it symbolizes.

“I wanted to point out the surreal absurdity of the border wall prototypes,” Holslin told Voice of San Diego late last year.

“They are these weird structures standing in the middle of nowhere – they’re just absurd, and they have this weird science fiction dystopian future look to them.”

In this video, Holslin and Sturm team up with a group of Southwestern College students who showcased their own art pieces on the wall prototypes.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misspelled Jill Holslin and Andrew Sturm.

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