VOSD Bonus Podcast: QAnon and the Attack on the Capitol


VOSD Bonus Podcast: QAnon and the Attack on the Capitol

VOSD host Scott Lewis spoke with Travis View, co-host of the podcast QAnon Anonymous, about the conspiracy theory group QAnon, which was instrumental in the insurrection at the Capitol this month.

US Capitol building on January 6
Pro-Trump rioters breached the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. / Image via Shutterstock

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I mentioned this last week but for many months, I have been following the QAnon Anonymous podcast. And for a while, I kind of wondered if I was obsessing about something that was not nearly as big as the media was making it to be.

But then the Capitol insurrection happened.

One thing great about this job is I can just ask interesting people to come talk, and they often do. Travis View, the co-host of QAnon Anonymous, sat down with me to discuss what he has learned about the conspiracy theory, how it relates to historical ones and why so many people, including from here, felt obligated to follow it into the Capitol.

It’s a special episode of the Voice of San Diego podcast.

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