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VOSD Podcast: Behind the Scenes of the Dem Party Meeting

Francine Busby, chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, stops by to talk about why San Diego can’t seem to shed its conservative label even though Dems outnumber Republicans. Co-hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts also parse a recent ruling that could make it a lot easier for citizens to impose a tax.

How much are signature-gatherers making in San Diego County? We got some audio of a recording with the full breakdown.

Bottom line, it’s a lot. On the Voice of San Diego podcast this week, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts explain why investing in signature-gathering firm might be a good idea now as a big ruling may make them even more in demand.

Plus, Francine Busby, chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, came into the studio and provided a window into how the big meeting went down this week with the party selecting its preferred candidates for the June election. She was surprisingly forthright as she explained the dynamics and also answered questions about why Democrats are not in control of major city of San Diego positions despite such a big advantage in registered voters.

Hero of the Week

Joe Austin, principal and dean at Hoover High School, who’s done a lot to create a positive learning atmosphere. Stay tuned for our interview with Austin on the April 7 episode of the Good Schools for All podcast.

Goat of the Week

Former San Diego Unified School Board Trustee Scott Barnett said that the district’s Proposition Z spending on things like stadiums and iPads rather than crumbling infrastructure is because district leaders want to fix things that are “sexy” and inspire press conferences.

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This Week in the VOSD Podcast Network

Good Schools For All: Schools should be focusing on preparing students for life after school, but too often they simply preparing students for more school. Filmmaker Greg Whiteley stops by to talk about his new film, “Most Likely to Succeed,” and some of the ways educational institutes are missing the mark, plus examples of schools showing real innovation.

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San Diego Decides: In this week’s episode of VOSD’s elections podcast, hosts Sara Libby and Ry Rivard talked about three big races: the race for mayor, the race for city attorney and the race for the District 9 City Council seat.

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