VOSD Podcast: El Niño Explained


VOSD Podcast: El Niño Explained

Astrophysicist Ramin Skibba recognized a need in the world of science: people who know how to explain it in layman’s terms. That’s why he’s decided to focus on science communication full-time. He’s decided to take his PhD north, leaving UCSD and entering UC Santa Cruz’s science communications program. So we asked him to join us this week in what we hope will be a recurring segment explaining basic scientific issues relevant to San Diegans.

First up: El Niño.

Also on the show, we goof on those absurd quotes about bike lanes from Coronado residents, catch you up on San Diego Unified School Board President Marne Foster’s issues, and recount what Lisa Halverstadt learned about how a CEQA lawsuit in Imperial County ended up putting public land in private hands.

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