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VOSD Podcast: Fraud, Facial Recognition and Bears, Oh My!

This week on the VOSD Podcast, hosts Scott Lewis and Sara Libby review the gubernatorial recall election, discuss a big facial recognition tech story with editor Jesse Marx and preview our latest explainer series made to school San Diegans on San Diego.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced the city’s plan to turn Golden Hall into a temporary homeless shelter with more than 240 beds in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

The recall election truly earned criticism this week that the effort is a circus. One San Diegan in the race, John Cox, is pushing some wild tactics that feature an actual bear. The other San Diegan running is former Mayor Kevin Faulconer, a key player in a new investigation by Voice of San Diego.

On the show this week, hosts Scott Lewis and Sara Libby do a proverbial drive-by of the race to catch up on the latest antics and unleash some California bear trivia you’ll want to hear.

Then VOSD editor Jesse Marx joins the show to discuss the aforementioned investigation and Faulconer’s role in some drama between Congress and the city of San Diego.

In 2017, the main investigative arm of the U.S. House of Representatives requested documents from San Diego on its use of facial recognition technology. Marx breaks down what the city of San Diego withheld from the federal government.

Lewis and Libby also break down a separate investigation by VOSD’s Will Huntsberry into allegations of financial mismanagement and potential fraud at the local chapter of Volunteers of America.

San Diego’s School House Rock

VOSD’s Maya Srikrishnan and Adriana Heldiz join the show this week to talk about a new batch of video explainers from San Diego 101.

“SD 101,” as we sometimes call it, aims to break down some of the most important issues and institutions that drive the region and serve as an onramp to anyone who wants to get their bearings on San Diego news — or get involved in making change.

The latest crop of videos explains how police oversight works, what the city charter does, the history of the Tijuana River sewage crisis and more.

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