VOSD Podcast Live: Gonzalez Goes Deep on Faith, CEQA and Civic SD


VOSD Podcast Live: Gonzalez Goes Deep on Faith, CEQA and Civic SD

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez held it down as a part-co-host, part-special guest for our final live podcast of the summer series.

Allow Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez to clarify her tweets about atheists. See, Gonzalez says she didn’t know “non-believer” was a technical term.

So when Ryan Clumpner, executive director of the Lincoln Club, tweeted that he’d love to see a non-believer taken seriously as a political candidate, Gonzalez mused that she preferred her candidates to believe in something.

Scott Lewis, Andy Keatts (two heathens themselves) and I riffed on the ensuing tweetstorm during our podcast last week. So Scott and I were thrilled to have the chance at our live podcast this week to ask Gonzalez about her remarks.

Gonzalez doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking her mind, whether it be on faith or San Diego’s downtown-specific development process. The assemblywoman wrote a bill that would rein in Civic San Diego, the city-run nonprofit that handles permitting downtown. If AB 504 is approved, Civic San Diego would have to get the OK from City Council on all its big decisions. The bill would also limit Civic’s attempts to expand into neighborhoods like Encanto and City Heights.

We asked her about that on the podcast this week, as well as the potential Democratic civil war if Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins decides to challenge state Sen. Marty Block. We also touch on the minimum wage, in San Diego and statewide, and the forever-stumbling efforts to reform CEQA, the state’s environmental law that’s often misused.

Also on the show: a fact-check for anyone who’s circled aimlessly to find parking at the zoo, Carmen Policy doesn’t mince words and the city and county’s big stadium plan reveal earlier this week.

And of course, this week’s cool jam: “I Wear Glasses” by Mating Rituals.

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