VOSD Podcast: What's Grinding Our Gears


VOSD Podcast: What's Grinding Our Gears

On this week’s VOSD podcast, Scott Lewis, Sara Libby and Andrew Keatts ran down three items in the news that were pushing their buttons.

A motorized scooter in San Diego / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

The three of us had a little bit of rage built up this week, it turns out.

On this week’s podcast, Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and I ran down three items in the news that were pushing our buttons.

First: Several local Republican politicians seized on a local agency’s call for teachers to volunteer to conduct some lessons for the migrant girls being temporarily housed at the Convention Center to try and stoke resentment and anger toward the girls. In doing so, they also publicized some outright falsehoods.

Meanwhile, as vaccinations continue and life starts inching back toward normal, scooters are making a comeback. We recalled how, pre-pandemic, this was an issue that many San Diego civic leaders actually took seriously.

And finally, VOSD’s Will Huntsberry reported this week that Lincoln High’s leadership team is being shaken up once again. The district responded to the story by doubling down on the narrative that everything is great at Lincoln and that suggesting otherwise demonstrates something sinister, a kind of gaslighting that benefits no one.

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