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VOSD Podcast: Why Vlad Kogan Made So Many Dems Mad

The Ohio State professor joins Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts after the two discuss a school board president’s lack of institutional knowledge and how we stumbled into our biggest story of the week.

Vlad Kogan, an Ohio State political science professor and Voice of San Diego alum, joined the podcast this week to talk about his analysis of the city’s redistricting process and its effects on winning vacant political seats.

Kogan said he believes a Republican will nab the District 1 City Council seat in June thanks to the city’s latest redistricting map.

“We have a city in which Democrats have a huge redistricting advantage, but those Democratic voters are allocated in a very inefficient way,” he said.

Also, the duo touches on Keatts’ and Ry Rivard’s joint investigation with our media partners at NBC 7 San Diego on security officers at MTS, and their violent arrest of a man for trespassing even though the man worked for MTS. Lewis and Keatts reveal, for the first time, how the investigation was started.

They also chatted about the process behind the temporary appointment of Marne Foster’s vacant seat for the school board and give folks a local history lesson on how these kind of appointments have worked in the past. Sixteen people applied for the temporary position, and the school board recently narrowed the list down to four candidates.

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