VOSD Radio: Blackouts, Bans and (Plastic) Bags


VOSD Radio: Blackouts, Bans and (Plastic) Bags

Lani Lutar talks with our hosts about her group’s crusade to ban – or at least reduce – plastic bags around San Diego. Plus, the Chargers might’ve slipped out of a blackout for Sunday’s game, but the trend remains.

Breathe easy, diehard Chargers fans — Sunday’s game against the New York Giants won’t be blacked out after all.

San Diego hosted this year’s first NFL blackout last Sunday, by no means a shocker considering the team’s recent history: Four of the eight home games in 2012 were blacked out, according to the U-T.

In this week’s show, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts talked about the viable alternatives the Chargers owners could be exploring to avoid blackouts, and thus not waste taxpayer dollars. They also recapped some key points to keep in mind while the controversy over a new stadium lurches forward.

The Spanoses might have little regard for your hard-earned cash, but our special guest on the podcast this week has made a career out of fiscal efficiencies. Formerly of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, Lani Lutar is now executive director of the Equinox Center, a nonprofit that merges environmental and economic interests in its research.

Lutar and Co. are pushing an effort to ban, or at least reduce, plastic bag use around San Diego. Keatts and Lewis grilled her on the exact benefits of this proposed shift in consumer habits, and how she responds to complaints such a move would herd us into a “nanny state.”

Hero of the Week went to our VOSD reader community, while the city of San Diego was our Goat of the Week for its slow-as-molasses hiring process.

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