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VOSD Radio: What to Watch for as the Recall Gets Under Way

Ahead of the recall-Mayor-Bob-Filner campaign’s [1] Sunday kickoff, Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts explained on VOSD Radio [2] why the effort is important to follow and outlined possible roadblocks. (Note: VOSD Radio records on Friday mornings.) They also reviewed:

• Liam Dillon’s attempts to figure out the mayor’s whereabouts [3];

• how Filner’s recall response [4] compared with some of his [5] own admissions [6]; and

• a Fact Check of an Olympics claim [7] Filner made in his recall response.

In the awards corner: Former San Diego restaurateur Jay [8] Porter [9] gets named the Hero of the Week and UT-TV [10] is Goat of the Week. Listen here [2].

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