'You Pay for What You Want'


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'You Pay for What You Want'

Erik Bruvold joins us on the podcast to discuss the future of the Convention Center, minimum wage and the future of Comic-Con in San Diego.

With the City Council’s decision this week to abandon the hotel-room tax funding plan, the Convention Center expansion blew up in boosters’ faces.

Now the idea of a combined Convention Center and Chargers stadium has gained some renewed momentum.

Erik Bruvold, president of the National University System Institute for Policy Research, told us on this week’s podcast that the funding model for the project should be put to voters. Bruvold put it simply: “You pay for what you want.”

Also covered in this week’s podcast are the ongoing battle over the minimum wage hike and the future of Comic-Con in San Diego.

Listen to the podcast hereon Stitcher or on iTunes.

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Show Notes

• Our Hero of the Week is Scripps Institution for Oceanography for finding out how rocks walk in the desert.

• State Sen. Ben Hueso is our Goat of the Week for his bland statement after being arrested for drunk driving.

• Reps. Scott Peters and Susan Davis might want to protect your right to getting junk mail delivered straight to your door, but VOSD’s Scott Lewis isn’t having it.

• Here’s our highlight of the back-patting between City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and attorney Cory Briggs, and here’s some background on that bit about a panty bribe.

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