DA Hopeful Jones-Wright Pledges Never to Seek the Death Penalty


DA Hopeful Jones-Wright Pledges Never to Seek the Death Penalty

She's been less clear before than she was with a new survey put together by the ACLU and others.
Geneviéve Jones-Wright speaks to the progressive People Over Profits group at Border X Brewing. / Vito Di Stefano

In our recent podcast interview with Genevieve Jones-Wright, she expressed some different views on the death penalty. She accepted that there would be times she may need to pursue it. She said she would gather advisers.

“You have to come to the table and you have to ask yourself, ‘Is this an offense that’s even worthy enough for us to talk about imposing the death penalty?'” she said.

But she also said she was personally very opposed to the death penalty and would not be willing to impose it until the system is “foolproof.”

She seems to have removed any ambiguity in a statement to the ACLU “Vote4DA” survey.

There, she pledged never to seek the death penalty.

“Although the death penalty is still legal in California, it is not mandatory that a District Attorney imposes it. The death penalty is discriminatory, costly, and ineffective as a deterrent. I am morally opposed to it,” Jones-Wright wrote.

There is one person facing a death penalty prosecution in San Diego: The man accused of killing SDPD Officer Jonathan De Guzman, Jesse Michael Gomez.

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