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David Alvarez

Faulconer Leads Big

The race is on to see whether Alvarez makes up the gap.

Republican City Councilman Kevin Faulconer has a lead that might be insurmountable over Democratic Councilman David Alvarez in the early election returns. Faulconer leads Alvarez 55 percent to 44 percent with 85.9 percent of precincts counted in San Diego’s special mayoral election, according to the county Registrar of Voters. More than 24,000 votes separate the two candidates.

Faulconer’s lead isn’t surprising. But the big margin is. Leading up to Tuesday, the question was whether Election Day voters, who are expected to trend toward Alvarez, could provide enough of a boost for Alvarez to make up the ground he was behind at the start. Alvarez’s campaign told reporters before the results were released that they’d feel good about their candidate’s chances if Alvarez was within 5 percentage points when the first numbers were released.

Campaign observers expected two-thirds of the total votes cast to be mail ballots. The Registrar of Voters expects votes to be tallied by 1 a.m. Check back throughout the evening for more coverage.

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