Politics Report: Assessor Bry? Maybe


Politics Report: Assessor Bry? Maybe

Republicans have held onto the four countywide elected seats for decades but the former mayoral candidate could change things.

We got word this week that the 2022 race for County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk, the elected set in charge of property tax assessments throughout the county, could be getting a high-profile candidate: Barbara Bry.

We reached out to the former councilwoman and 2020 mayoral candidate to see if it were true.

“No comment,” she wrote in an email, after we asked if she had anything to say about the possibility of jumping into the race.

We’re taking that as a hard “maybe.”

Why it matters: There are four countywide elected seats: district attorney, sheriff, treasurer-tax collector and this one, the assessor.

What do you think?