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Politics Report: Peters May Prevail

Rep. Scott Peters may get his way in the giant federal spending negotiations gripping Washington. Plus, the progressive groups that opposed a 2016 tax increase for highways and transit have lined up behind a new one.

Though the Politics Report is very smart and plugged in we had no idea what really was going on in Washington D.C. with all the negotiations about a large package of spending bills that would provide universal pre-K, extend child tax credit payments to families and address climate change among many other efforts. It’s the largest augmentation of the social safety net since the New Deal.

We’ve since informed ourselves and now we’re waiting like the rest of the country to see what happens.

San Diego’s own congressman, Rep. Scott Peters, has put himself right in the middle of it – and how he handles his place in these historic negotiations is going to define his congressional legacy.

We’re all waiting now to see what happens. Before President Biden flew to Rome, he came to something of a deal. Reporters are describing it with words like “outline” and “framework.”

It’s not yet clear if Peters got what he wanted.

What do you think?