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Politics Report: Property Tax for Parks and Libraries?

Library and parks boosters hope to get a tax on the ballot to help and the city demands employees get vaccinated.

This week, a poll went out asking San Diego residents if they would support a tax for libraries and parks.

Specifically, it said:

Would you vote for or against this measure?

To fund library and park services  – including after-school programs, computer access for low-income families, job training and social service assistance for homeless residents, preserving open space for public use and restoring Balboa Park, shall the City of San Diego establish and annual parcel tax of two cents per square foot up to a maximum of one acre, subject to a 2% annual adjustment, raising approximately $40 million annually until ended by voters – with exemptions for agricultural property, low-income, and disabled residents, and citizens’ oversight.

Turns out, there is a movement underway to get this onto the ballot.

What do you think?