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San Diego Explained: A Proposal to Change How City Elections Work

The November ballot is bananas [1].

It’s crammed with state and local initiatives about the Chargers stadium, taxes, the death penalty, legalizing marijuana and more.

None of those will change local politics as much as one measure that’s been approved by the City Council and is backed by the advocacy group, Independent Voter Project.

Right now, if a candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote in a primary election, the candidate wins and there’s no general election [2].

That’s a problem, say the leaders of the Independent Voter Project [3], because lots of people tend to skip primaries assuming they still have a chance to vote later.

In this week’s San Diego Explained, Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis and NBC 7 San Diego’s Monica Dean shed light on how the measure would change the way local elections work, and why folks are backing it.