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Special Podcast: Civil Engineer Joe LaCava Wants a Council Seat

The District 1 City Council candidate talks about his years of experience in the community planning process, and we dig deep into his political platform.

Joe LaCava was instrumental in making the roundabouts along La Jolla Boulevard in Bird Rock a reality. He took it upon himself to be the liaison between the construction contractors and the anxious merchants along the corridor that was transformed from a four-lane roadway to a walkable less-intimidating environment.

And he apparently got hooked on civic involvement.

LaCava, the son of Italian immigrants, is running for City Council in District 1. He was the latest to sit down with me for my in-depth conversations with the candidates for city attorney and City Council. I’ve also spoken to Barbara Bry and next week have an appointment with Ray Ellis.

LaCava made a career helping people get permits to build things. After the experience with the roundabouts, he got involved with the community planning group in La Jolla and now he’s perhaps the most prominent advocate for community planning groups in the city.

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