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David Alvarez

The (Updated!) Mayoral Endorsement Scorecard

We’ve got a helpful guide to the mayoral candidates’ top backers.

The endorsements a political candidate touts tell us a lot about the policies he cares about – and the image he wants to project.

In the lead up to the Feb. 11 election, mayoral hopeful David Alvarez has cheered endorsements from high-profile state and national Democrats, environmental groups and civil rights activists.

Meanwhile, opponent Kevin Faulconer has celebrated supporters who appear less openly partisan, including local homeless services leader Father Joe Carroll, law-enforcement organizations and business groups.

The bottom line: Faulconer wants to draw in independent and left-leaning voters who remain uncommitted to his Democratic rival while Alvarez hopes to entice San Diego’s progressive voter majority to the polls.

Both candidates have benefited from endorsements from conventional political power players, too. The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, an umbrella group for the region’s unions, has invested significant cash in Alvarez’s bid. And the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, a right-leaning business group, has spent thousands of dollars to support Faulconer’s candidacy.

Here’s a look at some of Alvarez and Faulconer’s most high-profile endorsements. You can check out a complete list of their top backers here.

February Mayoral Race Endorsement Scorecard

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