Chris Ward and Anthony Bernal Face Off for District 3


VOSD Podcast Live: D3 Candidates Face Off

Chris Ward and Anthony Bernal joined us for the first of our live podcast summer series. We grilled the candidates on where they stand on the Chargers stadium, Irwin Jacobs’ maybe resurrected plan for Balboa Park, bike lanes through Hillcrest and more.

It’s official: Chris Ward and Anthony Bernal will face off in next year’s election to fill Councilman Todd Gloria’s seat.

We wanted to get in early to grill Ward, chief of staff for state Sen. Marty Block, and Bernal, a member of Gloria’s staff, on the issues that most impact the neighborhoods they want to represent – Hillcrest, North Park and other nearby communities. That means the controversial bike plan that would shake up University Avenue, the (maybe) resurrected Jacobs plan for Balboa Park and, more broadly for the city, funding for a new Chargers stadium. Check out their answers starting at about 22 minutes in.

Ward and Bernal were our lucky guests for the first of three live podcasts this summer at Thorn Street Brewery. We’re doing it again July 23. Reserve your spot here to join us next month.

Also on this week’s live show: the sketchy road to a stadium vote, Fifth Avenue Landing’s cushy deal next door to the Convention Center and why San Diego Unified is our Goat of the Week.

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