VOSD Radio: Give Thanks for Startups

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VOSD Radio: Give Thanks for Startups

Tech entrepreneur Kelly Abbott is our special guest on the extended podcast. He’s got some big news, and he’s pledged the share the wealth. Plus, more on the hot-button affordable housing fee increase, and weasely words in the race for mayor.

‘Tis the season to show gratitude and, if you’re feeling especially warm and fuzzy, pay it forward.

To that end, we revisited the blood pact (editor’s note: We cannot confirm any blood was actually exchanged) among San Diego’s tech entrepreneurs, in which each company promised to put 10 percent of profits back into the local tech ecosystem should their startup get bought.

Kelly Abbott, whose company Realtidbits set up the commenting and social platform for Voice of San Diego, among other news websites, recently got the opportunity to do just that. Abbott called in to chat about his new working relationship with LiveFyre, one of the largest site networks in the U.S.

Speaking of sharing the wealth, the affordable housing fee continues to be a sticking point for city agencies. VOSD Radio co-hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts talked through a noteworthy claim made by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association chief about where exactly fee-generated dollars went last year, and whether the increase is the right move.

Lewis and Keatts also discussed (OK, frothed over) some of the weasely words San Diego conservatives used this week in Kevin Faulconer’s first big shot lobbed at David Alvarez. Lewis proposed this might be a harbinger of what’s to come in the race for mayor.

Find out why our Hero of the Week is former Mayor Jerry Sanders, while repeat offender City Attorney Jan “Why did you give me that farm animal?” Goldsmith is our Goat of the Week. Plus, Keatts and Lewis begrudgingly chat about what they’re thankful for.

Safe bet: It sounds nothing like what you might’ve heard around your nice, normal family’s Thanksgiving table.

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