Special Podcast: What Makes Summer Stephan Throw Up


Special Podcast: What Makes Summer Stephan Throw Up

Summer Stephan wants to be district attorney. But that doesn’t mean she likes the process, she said in an in-depth interview about the race and the tensions that have emerged over the appointment of an interim DA.

There are several things people don’t like about campaigns, and for Summer Stephan, chief deputy district attorney and a candidate for DA in 2018, fundraising makes her sick. Literally.

“I love the campaigning part where you get to meet people but the fundraising, I threw up two nights in a row,” she said. “It’s weird because you’re supposed to be a public servant and the last thing you want to do so much money.”

Stephan is so far the only candidate to throw her hat in the race (there are candidates for the interim role, but they’ve said they won’t run in 2018) and has racked up support from local officials on both sides of the aisle.

Listen to the full interview with Stephan and co-hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts.

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