Watch for Bicyclists Friday Night | Voice of San Diego

Public Safety

The monthly cycling event in San Diego called Critical Mass is scheduled — sort of — for Friday. No one actually schedules the event, but it’s become tradition for hundreds of residents. A cyclist herd rides through the city on the last Friday of every month without regard for its traffic laws or motorists. I reported last month’s event and how police accompany the group.

The bicyclist herd moves with no specific leadership and its course changes every month. It starts at the large fountain in Balboa Park after dusk. It travels more than 20 miles, usually, riding through the downtown at some point.

I won’t be covering this month’s event, but I’d love to know how it goes. I would like to hear from all perspectives — bicyclists, law enforcement, motorists, etc. Send an e-mail about your experience to I hope to write a short blog post about reader responses next week.

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