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Of All the Things to Write About, You Picked Sports

Begging your forgiveness for indulgence in such matters.


Is this really happening? Are a couple of unwashed bloggers going to write about sports in Voice of San Diego’s hallowed digital realm?

Yes. This is really happening.

Your negative, or at least surprised, reaction is understandable. Sports are trivial entertainment, a diversion for mouth-breathing meatheads with nothing better to do than scream at their televisions. So why would a respectable investigative news source devote space to covering them?

For one simple reason: People like sports.

And not just meatheaded mouth-breathers, but respectable types. City leaders, PTA committee chairs, small business owners, academics: Lots of these folks flip right to the sports section after, or without, scanning the day’s dreary headlines. Maybe they shouldn’t care. Maybe none of us should. But we do. Is it because we’re stupid? Not necessarily. I mean, no! It’s because we like to be entertained. We want to enjoy life. We would imagine ourselves elsewhere, in a field of play, transcending the depressing and the mundane day-to-day.

The depressing and mundane invade our sporting diversions on many occasions, to be sure. Professional and “amateur” (snicker) athletics are as subject to the corruptions and foibles of humanity as any politician or titan of corporate largesse. Even more so, perhaps, with the intense spotlight modern culture shines on hero athletes.

We won’t hide from those shortcomings. Even as mere blogging contributors, we owe it to Voice’s mission, and to you, inquisitive reader, to be accurate, informative, and entertaining. That first part is crucial, the second, tricky, and the latter in the eye of the beholder.

We’ll see how it goes. Be sure to let us know what you think. Loudly, and with heavy breaths through an open mouth.

Beau Lynott is a contributor to Voice of San Diego. Follow him on Twitter @lemonverbena_ or email

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