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San Diego Explained: The Craft Brewing Boom

Think of Napa, or Sonoma. Can’t help but picture acres of vineyards and cozy winery weekends, right?

That’s exactly what Stone Brewing Co. CEO Greg Koch [1] wants to do for San Diego, but with craft beer. He and his hoppy cohorts are leading quite the charge: In just a few years, the beer industry has grown to contribute around $300 million annually [2] to the local economy, raking in more than Comic-Con.

San Diego beer advocates have highlighted the craft brew phenomenon nationwide, and are pushing to take advantage of that growing popularity. Gov. Jerry Brown appears to be on board —  he signed AB 647 Thursday, allowing beer drinkers to reuse their growlers from brewery to brewery.

NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia [3] and Voice of San Diego’s Andrew Keatts explain the industry’s economic impact, and where the beer community hopes [4] it’ll go next.