Meet the Pandemic Decision-Makers


Meet the Pandemic Decision-Makers

In a new video, we break down exactly who has what power during the coronavirus pandemic in San Diego and go over what decisions they’ve made.  

In San Diego, you’ve likely seen or heard at least one of the daily press briefings, where a seemingly random cadre of people come together to talk about what’s happening with coronavirus locally.

But that seemingly random assortment of people isn’t just talking to fill space – at least, not usually. They actually have special decision-making powers, because the county is in an official state of the emergency.  

They’ve decided when to ban large gatherings, when to ban small gatherings, when to close restaurants and bars and made a whole slew of other decisions that have affected everyone’s daily lives.  

Next, they’ll have to decide exactly when to start easing those restrictions. Those decisions could be more consequential than the ones they’ve already made.  

In this video, we break down exactly who has what power and what decisions they’ve made. 

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