Politifest 2019 - Voice of San Diego

Politifest 2019

Politifest 2018 - it's back!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

University of San Diego     11:00 a.m.‑ 6:30 p.m.

What is Politifest?

Politifest is a San Diego public affairs summit produced by Voice of San Diego.

Launched in 2011, Politifest focuses on issues affecting our community. During election years, the event focuses on candidates and ballot measures. In non-election years, it focuses on the most important topics that drive public policy and community conversation.

Politifest 2019: Housing and Transportation Summit

No greater challenge faces the San Diego region – and California in general – than the cost of living here. Rents are soaring and the concept of buying a home is unfathomable to many residents. But the economy is booming, jobs are being created and babies are being born, both of which drive up the demand for homes. This affects everything. The economy, quality of life, health care, education and the environment. If people can’t afford to live in our cities, it will cripple local economies for decades.

Housing is intricately connected to transportation and San Diego leaders have touched off a major, if not historic debate about the future of transit and highways in the region.

This year, Politifest will be a daylong journey through these discussions and debates. We’ll begin the day with a keynote speaker, followed by a range of sessions led by subject matter experts. Panelists will discuss housing supply, homelessness and potential solutions, the future of transit, and new tax and policy proposals. We will also organize candidate debates focused on these topics.

Get Involved!

Is there a topic related to housing or transportation that you think needs some attention? Do you want to host a panel discussion or debate that we did not organize? This is your chance. 

 We are offering the opportunity for people to host their own conversations during Politifest. Proposed topics should focus on housing, transportation or homelessness.

Submit your proposal to host a Community Conversation here. We’ll review them in the coming weeks and let you know if yours was selected.  

Check out Politifest 2018 here.